Saturday, October 1, 2011

Everyday Reminders

Today I watched a film I'd never anticipated called 'Lifted'. The story runs many layers, from Spirit to family to addiction to the presence of war. What lifted me the most was it's ability to remind us that Spirit is all around us, and through tragedy of loss we can remember that our loved one's bring us not only the every day experience of their love, but the lessons that open our hearts and remind us that part of our being here is to love one another without reservation.

I had an interaction this week with a person so filled with pain she couldn't see past herself. Every interaction became one about power. How she could win and not feel someone was taking advantage of her. In holding so tight to this, she couldn't even see the love before her. Everyone became the enemy because her need to save herself became more important than opening her eyes so she lashed out violently, insisting her boundaries be met.

I've seen this map before, it always causes my heart pain. There is no getting through to a person who chooses not to hear love. We can scream it at the top of our lungs but love cannot be forced. This is one reason why sometimes it takes coming to our knees to feel it. In those times our harsh boundaries are down and we let it in.

I pray for this woman and hope she finds solace. I also made the clear decision to end interactions with her for my heart, my love, is meant to be shared and grown and I choose to surround myself with others who choose love rather than drain my energy with those who choose hate.

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