Thursday, September 22, 2011

Already Here

You called for me, and I stood in front of you wondering why you couldn't see me.

You crumbled, imagining you were alone and I'd left, yet I was right before you.

My love so bright you couldn't see it.

You went to that part of you where no love can live. The part I can't understand in another so beautiful and wise. Beyond shadow to blackness.

I sat before you waiting. Knowing when you came back, you'd see me again. Sitting where you left me, loving you.

In the darkness, I felt you awakening. Slowly coming home to yourself and back to me.

When the sun rose and you looked at me, I knew you could see me again, here, loving you.

And I took a deep breath, honoring the darkness you choose as separate from my soul while the heart that returns is so a apart of it. That you can be both partner and stranger in the same day and that I'll be here as long as you come home.

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