Thursday, September 22, 2011

Already Here

You called for me, and I stood in front of you wondering why you couldn't see me.

You crumbled, imagining you were alone and I'd left, yet I was right before you.

My love so bright you couldn't see it.

You went to that part of you where no love can live. The part I can't understand in another so beautiful and wise. Beyond shadow to blackness.

I sat before you waiting. Knowing when you came back, you'd see me again. Sitting where you left me, loving you.

In the darkness, I felt you awakening. Slowly coming home to yourself and back to me.

When the sun rose and you looked at me, I knew you could see me again, here, loving you.

And I took a deep breath, honoring the darkness you choose as separate from my soul while the heart that returns is so a apart of it. That you can be both partner and stranger in the same day and that I'll be here as long as you come home.

Set Me Free

Set me free

Free to howl loudly, be it with the moon or in my bed

Let me run

Wildly, without remorse, without a path, only through the guidance of a clear heart

Open my eyes

To the core elements of this existence, love, passion, fear and flow, to remember myself in the world around me

Hold me close, then let go

And I'll fly through the knowing you are here and I can be anywhere and feel you near

Set Me Free

And in my heart, I'll follow myself home.